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Adulting is Hard


by Christina Shipp

Remember how much you achieved when you were in high school and college? Sure! Good grades—or decent, anyway. Bet you had tons of extra-curricular activities—school plays, beach-time, besties, beauties…

You had time for your work AND your play. Ever think about why?

Why you used to be so excellent at high achievement in your youth when now you feel like you NEVER have enough time for ALL of the projects you’re involved with…not to mention find time for your loved ones—or, gasp! YOU?

Answer’s simple: You had deadlines. You had due dates. AND you had someone on your butt reminding you again and again what you were supposed to do, where you were supposed to be, and what you were supposed to be thinking about for your future.

Adulting is hard, isn't it?  Now that you’re a grown folk, there's no teachers or parents around to do it for you; YOU've got to be the one in control of keeping you on your path.YOU have to give yourself the accountability you need to keep you motivated and achieving your goals.

YOU are the one who has to master time management like a CEO, wrangle your finances and create strategies for growth like a CFO, AND manage it all with the ease and grace of a killer Project Manager. Not to mention find balance, health, and spirituality, all with your personal sense of style and integrity like Deepak + Oprah damn Winfrey.

Take a breath. At the foundation, it truly is all about accountability. Don’t have an accountability buddy? What are you waiting for?!? And hell, let me help you stay on track and do it with a sense of style – your style. Let's connect over a free 20 minute intro session! I’ll help you get out of overwhelm, wrangle your quarterly goals, and give you some time management tips that will help you find the balance you crave. Schedule your session and you’ll get prep to get you started. Let this be the one thing you do for your career today. You’re an artist. Now let’s turn your art into your business.



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