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  • Kick Overwhelm to the Curb with… Five Easy Steps to Getting Sh*t Done!

     By Catherine Corcoran, Accelerated Artist Career Coach


    Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you find yourself thinking about the mountain of things you have to accomplish—telling yourself that you’re definitely going to get to everything on your ‘To-Do’ list—only to have the entire day go by leaving many tasks incomplete… if you even started any of them at all!Sound like you? Fear not Accelerated Artist! Because here are five steps to eliminate your overwhelm and accomplish everything you need to kick your car...  Read More...

  • Focus on the practical. Tackle the remarkable.

    By Christina Shipp, Accelerated Artist VP and Business Coach

    Level with me. Let's take a temperature.March is out like a lamb and April is- no foolin'- HERE. Seems like only yesterday we were ringin' in resolutions...where does time go? Pilot season is nearly over, much of the summer stock opportunities are cast... so? How did your audition


  • Bring the Game to Your Game

    By Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Hello Beautiful People! Doug here, reporting from the battlefront of physical fitness.Weight Watchers has not approved this article. However, talking about how their system worked for me is a key part of this sharing. Hopefully they’ll decline to send lawyers but will decide to send me free dinners. And a pony. But I digress. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a month and  Read More...

  • Three Crowdfunding Mistakes that will Cost you Thousands

    By Jodie Bentley, CEO of Accelerated Artist, Actor & Producer


    I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind, “You know what, I’ll just do a crowdfunding campaign and raise some money to make my movie.” Awesome! So… now what do you do? You’ve seen campaigns hit their goal and you’ve seen others fail. Do you jump into the abyss or bow out altogether because you know it’s a lot of work? Well  Read More...

  • Schedule yourself Towards your Super-Hero Potential!

     By Catherine Corcoran


    Whether or not you incorporate it into our act, artists must all practice the craft of "juggling." Between the various projects you take on, your side-jobs, rehearsal schedules, family-life, meetings, performances, auditions (I could keep going); the hats you wear are endless.This is because, as artists, you inherently are also your own small business owners. A business wherein you are the CEO, public relations expert, marketing head, project manager, head of sales and...  Read More...

  • What you need to know BEFORE you graduate: Part 3

    By Doug Shapiro




    Hello Business Owners! Here comes part 3 of 3 of Business Lovin’ for our College Pros. Again, these actual questions are from the next generation of Accelerated Business Owners, my master class students at Shenandoah Conservatory and James Madison University. Theme for this article: Promotion. “I am a senior musical theatre student who is interested in pursuing film/tv performance, but have no experience, what are some next steps into that field?...  Read More...

  • Start on Sunday, LOVE your Monday!

     By Catherine Corcoran


    I always hear people talking about how they aren’t “Monday People” –and there are a ton of you out there! I mean, The Boomtown Rats wrote a song about it and sometimes I wonder if my fellow subway commuters have it on repeat on their way to work in the mornings.I, on the other hand, have learned to – gasp- LOVE Mondays. But it wasn’t always that way.   Read More...

  • What you need to know BEFORE you graduate

    by Doug Shapiro


     I am fortunate enough to have in my circle of friends Jonathan Flom of Shenandoah Conservatory and Kate Arecchi of James Madison University. They are part of the movement teaching business strategies at a collegiate level, and they are making amazing things happen.On several occasions, I have had the honor and privilege to work with one next generation of Accelerated Business Owners, and at the end of the three...  Read More...

  • Being Sensitively Assertive

    By Catherine Corcoran



    I recently read an article on ARTSblog USA about vulnerability. What blogger, Victoria Ford, had to say was very true. We artists are sensitive creatures- constantly absorbing the emotional landscapes around us. Without this sensitivity, we have nothing to comment on. It is our understanding nature that allows us to act a maestro within the worlds we choose to create for our audiences. And this is an absolutely beautiful gift; one that I urge you never to exchange for any other. Still, so often we forget


  • Don’t be a Clickhole

     By Chris McGahan


    Ah, the new year….That bright and shiny time when everything seems possible and the world is your oyster. So you’re geared up, ready to go, and you sit down at your computer to accomplish all of those things you need to have done online to conquer Hollywood, New York or wherever you may be! And then twenty minutes or two hours later realize that you have done nothing productive at all, but are finally caught up on all the cat videos the internet can offer. You’re suffering ...  Read More...

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