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  • Permission to Soar!

    by Megan Mcdermott, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your acting career?
    Do you get insecure and feel like you are holding back?

    There are most likely a barrage of ways you stand in the way of your own success…do you recognize


  • Claim Your Space!

    by Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach 


    Last week I was knocked off my feet by phenomenal talent. One of those instances in which their example paves the way to an artistry I can only hope to achieve myself one day.It wasn’t a singer belting to the rafters. It wasn’t an intimate breathtaking performance by a movie actor. It wasn’t a dancer drumming out his story through his tap shoes. It was a Human Resources manager claiming her space. Allow me to explain. I work for an excellent  Read More...

  • Reignite Fun and Freedom in Your Acting Career

    with Jodie Bentley, CEO of Accelerated Artist

    The ups and downs of this business can take its toll. As we head into the new fall season, how can you find again a sense of play and freedom in your career to  Read More...

  • The top 5 Ways to Ask for What You Want

     By Christina Shipp, VP + Biz Coach Accelerated Artist


    Do you find yourself giving up your personal power or putting entertainment professionals up on a pedestal? Do you throw yourself into the winds of mercy and behave the way you perceive industry types think you ‘should’? Do you cow-tow in agent or producer meetings, and never express your own point of view?

    I challenge you to answer this: what do


  • Need A Jump Start?

     By Doug Shapiro

    Accelerated Artist, prepare yourself for madness. After all, today is the 47th day of 2015. Are you on track with your goals? You resolutions? Your desires? Well…we’re going to go a little crazy here.

    Just for today, I’m giving you permission to


  • Yes's and No's (Part 2): Picking some yes's

    By Chris McGahan


    Welcome back and Happy Almost New Year! Last time I talked about letting go of the pile of NO we accumulate daily. So, now that you have shed that, how do you work those yeses? That’s a great question, and I am so glad you asked it! 1.   Read More...

  • Steer Confrontation into a Conversation this Holiday Season!

     By Doug Shapiro


    So, your battle scars have almost healed from Thanksgiving and it’s already time to head back to the family for the winter holidays for more of the same comments: “I know you write, but what is your REAL job?” “If you’re a singer, why don’t you go on The Voice?’ “Oh, you’re the struggling actor/starving artist.” It’s time to turn this around. End the internalization and sabotage these comments cause and bring it back to them in words they can understand. You and I know tha...  Read More...

  • Yes’s and No’s (Part 1): “NO”ing your passion

     by Chris McGahan


    The entertainment industry is a business of “No’s” and “Not Yets.” Until it’s not, you know?
    When I was younger, I was terrified of going after the things I wanted. A “no” from a director about a part I really wanted (or a girl I was really into!!) seemed like it was the end of the world. That “no” was going to stop my heart cold, as surely as any heart attack would. And I knew, deep in my soul, that if I didn’t get this part or didn’t make the cut for final callbacks, that it was a sign that I was destined to never, ever, ever, EVER work again, and I should just give it all up and *gulp* get a REAL job.  And yet, here I still am, despite  Read More...

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