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  • How to be a Social Networking Rock Star

    By Jodie Bentley


    Ok, we all know we need a social media presence. What does that mean? Social networking is about staying in the loop, building relationships, letting people know what you're up to and providing value to your community. That sounds good, right?   Read More...

  • Finding Your Inner Stockard

    By Doug Shapiro


    The “Business” can be frustrating for so many reasons and I’m not going to list them here, you’ve gone over them enough times in your head. It’s time for a mental shift, you fearless actor, you. I hereby challenge you to break the cycle of helplessness and “burn-out” and reignite your passion—that passion that made you first declare, “By gum, I am a Professional!”  How do you reignite that passion?  By doing tangible things that prove you VALUE yourself.   Read More...

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