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  • Bring the Game to Your Game

    By Doug Shapiro, Accelerated Artist Career Coach

    Hello Beautiful People! Doug here, reporting from the battlefront of physical fitness.Weight Watchers has not approved this article. However, talking about how their system worked for me is a key part of this sharing. Hopefully they’ll decline to send lawyers but will decide to send me free dinners. And a pony. But I digress. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for a month and  Read More...

  • Adulting is Hard

     by Christina Shipp, VP and Biz Coach of Accelerated Artist

     Remember how much you achieved when you were in high school and college? Sure! Good grades—or decent, anyway.   Read More...

  • Schedule yourself Towards your Super-Hero Potential!

     By Catherine Corcoran


    Whether or not you incorporate it into our act, artists must all practice the craft of "juggling." Between the various projects you take on, your side-jobs, rehearsal schedules, family-life, meetings, performances, auditions (I could keep going); the hats you wear are endless.This is because, as artists, you inherently are also your own small business owners. A business wherein you are the CEO, public relations expert, marketing head, project manager, head of sales and...  Read More...

  • Healthy Eats On the Go

    by Christina Shipp, VP + Buisiness Coach


    We all could use some extra time and some added nutrients, amiRiiiight? You have a real desire to eat healthy, of course, but do you feel like that there just isn't enough time in the day to prep + plan for healthy food? Well say goodbye to the ‘no time’ woes, nutrition lovers.

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