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5 Ways to be Your Own Casting Director


by Amanda Tudor

Whether you have an agent or not, it’s vitally important that you’re able to cast yourself as you’re looking at audition breakdowns. Make the casting director’s job easier and follow these 5 simple ways to be your own casting director to have more impact in the room and build lasting relationships.

1. The Basics

Gender, Height, Age…these are things that are written for a reason: the creative team is searching for something specific. Make sure you fit those descriptions. Even if you want to play 18 doesn’t always mean casting sees you that way. And if you are 5’9’’ in heels doesn’t mean that you are 5’9’’. Take a look at yourself objectively and see what a casting director sees.

2. Almost..But Not Quite

Have you ever read a breakdown and checked out the money/location/role and everything was SO close to being right for you…but it’s just not quite?
First, know yourself and look objectively at what you’ve got to offer. If you feel that it’s not quite right, think about how the casting director, who doesn’t know you as well, will think. Make sure you’re submitting/auditioning for the roles that are JUST right, it’ll save you and the casting team time, effort, and frustration.

3. Read the Script

Every good casting director knows the script well. Well enough to know the characters, what is said about the characters, and what the characters say about themselves. Even if you’re just given sides, do your homework! Read ALL the sides…even if they’re not yours.

4. Make Connections

Casting Directors know a lot of people. They’re able to make connections and speak about their existing and upcoming projects; you can, too. If you’re playing Casting Director, you can share yourself authentically with those you could potentially work with. You never know what connections you can make.

5. Ask For What You Want

We tend to limit ourselves with our thoughts about asking for things we want. “I can’t ask him for that audition.” “I don’t know that casting director, they won’t give me an audition.” How do you know unless you ask? Ask for what you want…you might be surprised with the outcome.

I MUST add that although these are my parameters I am sharing with you, there are reasons to strategically break them…as with anything. Use these 5 tips as guidelines and pick and choose your outside the box push. After all, nothing gets done without taking risks. Just give yourself some structure first.


If you need help being your own casting director, understanding what you are casting as, making connections, or asking for what you want - schedule a FREE 20 minute phone call with me and we’ll talk out some options. Make a Connection!



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