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5 Things You Control in Your Career


by Amanda Tudor

In this business, unlike so many other careers, it’s important to remind ourselves what we can do to further our careers. Check out Jodie’s article HERE on dealing with control in your career. So here’s my list of reminders of what you can control today:

1. The work you do in the room

No one will ever read the sides like you will, no one will ever look the way you will (even if it’s similar). You are a unique artist. So stand tall and take pride in the fact that inside the room you are in control. It’s your time so come in prepared and take responsibility for your talent.

2. Staying connected to your network

It’s up to you to tell people your good news…so let the people know! If you meet a casting director, add them to your mailing list. If you meet an artistic director and they give you a business card, send them an email and say nice to meet you and then continue to update them, too. Keep your network alive and it will pay off in dividends.

3. Finding auditions you are right for

If you have an agent, you pay them 10% so the other 90% of the work is yours. So get on the casting websites and find those auditions. Auditions don’t always come knocking on your door. Get searchin!

4. Keeping the promise of your brand

Once you determine what your brand is (we have some great tools in coaching to help you define and determine your brand), it’s your job to find the auditions and materials that support your brand.

5. Your Marketing Materials

If your brand is your essence then your marketing materials are the way to share your essence with the world. Your resume, headshot, website, business cards, reel, demos etc etc etc are your marketing materials and it’s up to you to make decisions and put those together.

Your career is more in your control than you think. Stay on top of your career with productivity and faith in yourself.



If you have any questions about these 5 issues or other things you can control in your career, schedule a consult, we can chat about how to take control and accelerate your career!

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