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5 Things to Consider Before RE-Shooting Headshots


5 Things to Consider Before RE-Shooting Headshots
by Amanda Tudor

So it’s time to update the old headshot…before you do anything consider these 5 things (or check out the guide to headshots HERE):

1. Get Specific About Brand
Before you book the photographer, start picking out clothes and practicing in the mirror, start to think about who you are and how your picture can communicate that. What other actors do you relate to? Are you looking to get work in drama? Comedy? Think about what you’re trying to accomplish in this new session.

2. Set the Budget
Headshots cost some dollars. So set a timeline and make sure you are saving enough to reach your goal!

3. Think about Color
What colors work for your brand? You might look great in black, but that’s a dramatic color. If you’re looking to go into comedy, perhaps there’s another alternative. Bring a few options that look great on you and the different backgrounds (check out what colors the photographer likes to use on their website).

4. Before you RE-Shoot
Go back to your last session and see if there’s the shot that you’re looking for. Perhaps you missed the shot in the session that you didn’t see before, or you’re looking for something new and BOOM! there it is without having to spend more money!

5. Find the Photographer
Although your brother might know how to use a camera, he might not be a headshot photographer. And even though the very expensive ones look amazing, find the photographer that is right for you. Get suggestions from your friends and do your own research. Go with the photos that you feel are right for you!


If you need help coming up with a timeline, working on a budget, or defining your brand, schedule a consult and we’ll sit down and figure it out together.



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