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5 Reasons to Talk to an Expert


by Amanda Tudor

I don’t know about you, but every day I am inundated with emails on classes, seminars, and opportunities. Sometimes you delete every one of them. Sometimes you want to do them all. Sometimes you just need a little help.

So how do you know when to seek out help and talk to an expert? Here’s my list on why talking to an expert is the right move:

1. Outside perception

Experts in their field serve as a mirror. You might think you look one way on camera, but a coach often points out the opposite. Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes to reflect back to you the work you think you’re doing. Maybe you think your resume is organized and efficient, but it’s possible your agent thinks it’s too busy.

I recently reached out to a stylist because I wanted some feedback on my wardrobe and how I’m portraying myself through my clothing. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, but the way I want to be seen vs the way I was being seen didn’t quite line up. She walked me through my entire closet and we organized and rebranded my clothing to fit who I am today. Plus it was fun purging my closet with someone who knows what they’re talking about!

2. They are an Expert!

As artists, there are millions of skills to hone. Not only do you need to practice what you do and constantly improve, but you have to be able to share your skills…which is another set of skills. And not only that, but you have to expand yourselves and be learning new skill sets as they become relevant. And while you split your focus on all these new and old skill sets, the expert says that they have paid special attention to one area in particular. So why not cash in on their knowledge? They’ve worked out the kinks, know the secrets and want to share them with you!

3. Revisit Your Skills

Maybe you were a fantastic fire baton twirler, but it’s been a few years and you can’t quite remember how to light that flame. Sometimes time gets the best of you and things you WERE once skilled in need a bit of a brush up! I used to be a killer soccer player and juggle the ball as many times as I wanted; however, it’s been a while since those days and I might need someone reminding me of the tricks I forgot.

4. Be Clear About Your Objectives

Know what you’d like to learn from the expert. Do your homework and have some specific questions to ask. The expert might not have all the answers, but rather lead you to them. Don’t look for the expert to solve all your problems, but have a clear reason, purpose and strategy for contacting the expert. What can you learn? Improve? Strengthen? Decide what your objective is and go get it with your expert!

5. Knowledge is Power

Once you have learned from the expert, honed your skill, sharpened your craft, what will you do with the information? Knowledge is power. Use your power and take that next step to further your personal and professional life!

So what areas in your life do you need an expert to help you? Why not add another member to your team to help you support and strengthen your life and career? Physically, Mentally, Spiritually we get by with a little help from our friends.

If you need a little help in your plan of action, you’ve got a team of experts here to help you figure it out. Click here to meet our coaches.  We'll help whip your business into shape.

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